Our Research

The main strands of research and consulting services offered by Arts Economics currently include:

Macro-level Research

Macro-economic studies on global and regional art markets, reporting on key trends in sales, online strategies and e-commerce, exhibitions, art fairs, galleries, auctions, collecting, employment and other areas.

Art Investment

Art investment-related services, including financial analysis and guidance, valuation, return and risk assessment, correlation analysis and comparative studies, causality and forecasting models and testing, legal expert opinions and assistance structuring private and institutional investments in art.


Private, institutional and corporate talks, seminars, lectures and education services related to the art market and economics.

Micro-level Analysis

Micro-level sector analysis and reporting on specific sectors, mediums and value segments within the art market. Reports also cover private and public collections, individual artists and makers, collector-based research, arts institutions, regulations and other specialized research areas.

Economic Impact

Economic impact analysis of art markets, regions, events, regulations and policies or specific projects. Evaluation of the incremental effects of policies, programmes, institutions and events on the level of economic activity in a given area, measuring the output, incomes, employment and tax revenues generated. Studies also include the social, cultural and relational or network impacts on cultural institutions, the cultural infrastructure and key stakeholders.